August 12-13

the lineup

silent auction

Our silent auction will be July 23, from 6:00pm-9:00pm at Trio– Wine, Cheese, Beer. The proceeds allow us to offer Surfing For Autism at no cost to the participating families. [Read more…]

event info

With a NC Aquarium open-house on Thursday night, a Meet and Greet on Friday night, and the surfing event on Saturday, there’s something for the whole family. [Read more…]


Volunteers are the backbone of Surfing For Autism. Without amazing volunteers, Eileen, Mark, Ann, Jen, Becci, and Lisa would make their spouses and children do all the work. Don’t let that happen. [Read more…]

"I never get anything out of helping with SFA." - said no one, ever

the board

Real people do this work... not robots.
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Eileen Lowery

Co-Founder, President & Autism Needs/Land Event Organizer
Eileen enjoys puppies, lighting bugs, and YouTube videos of dogs playing poker but she’s allergic to math.
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mark slagle

Co-Founder & Surfer Organizer
Mark is 8 1/2 feet tall, can juggle fire-sticks, and is the reigning North American Domino Champion.
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jen lunceford

Public Relations
Jen has never used teeth whitening products and has submitted Mount Kilimanjaro. Jen can also recite Pi to 47 decimal places.
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becci shealey

Secretary & Food Organizer
Becci can speak 17 languages with an Australian accent. She also holds the TX Diamondback Rattlesnake Festival record for most snakes held by hand.
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Ann Sumners

Ann writes crossword puzzles for the NY Times, can bench press 350 pounds, and has memorized the dialogue from all the “Shrek” films.
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lisa ammons

Silent Auction Organizer
Lisa can solve a Rubik’s Cube with her feet, sang backup for Aerosmith, and won gold in 10-Meter Platform Diving at the 2001 Goodwill Games in Australia.


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