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the lineup

30-Mile Paddle

For Clay’s 30th birthday, Clay & Rob are taking a 30-mile SUP trek on 5/21 or 5/25 from Ocracoke to Buxton. Donate to support Clay and Rob.


There are many ways to support SFA. Consider how you can get involved; impacting the life of a child and transforming a community.

Silent Auction

Our silent auction in July provides proceeds that allow us to offer SFA at no cost to the participating families.

The Event

The surfing event partners people with autism with therapists and surfers to enjoy some Outer Banks waves.

Sensory Sensitive Santa

Meet and greet with a sensory sensitive Santa In December at Children at Play. Open to families of children with special needs. GF snacks and photos are available.

"I never get anything out of helping with SFA." - said no one, ever

the board

Real people do this work... not robots.
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Eileen Lowery

Co-Founder/President Land Event & Therapeutic Services Organizer
Eileen loves bowling, archery, and her favorite animal is the rare and elusive “child-who-cleans-their-room”. She once road a single water ski for 13 hours straight.
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Mark Slagle

Co-Founder and Surfer Organizer
Mark enjoys cheese fondue and reading a good Nicholas Sparks novel. He stills uses a rotary phone and used eat fire as part of a traveling circus.
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Jen Lunceford

Public Relations
Jen enjoys traveling the world collecting hand-made dowlies. She’s summited Mount Kilimanjaro twice and Jockey’s Ridge three times.
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Becci Shealey

Secretary & Food Organizer
Becci enjoys Mixed Martial Arts and knitting. She grew up in a remote Aztec village and speaks 15 languages with an Australian accent.
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Ann Sumners

Ann enjoys collecting used tennis balls and antique Swedish lampshades. She’s a retired sunglasses model and can bench press 450 pounds.
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Lisa Ammons

Silent Auction Organizer
Lisa enjoys collecting coffee mugs with “Lisa” on them and finding new ways to spell “blue”. She once caught a 1,400 pound tiger shark named “Steve” from a sea kayak.
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Trip Lowery

Eileen’s Husband & Scapegoat
Trip doesn’t belong with this group but because he puts the webpage together, he gets to do stuff for his own amusement that other people usually don’t notice.

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