March 2, 2012

About Us

Surfing For Autism is an Autism Spectrum Disorder awareness event each Summer on the Outer Banks of NC while providing our children with an amazing experience and opportunity to surf. Each child is provided two surfers and a skilled therapist or teacher who are well educated on the special needs of our children with autism. Together, they are paired up with children who have ASD of all ages and introduce them to paddling, surfing, and a new way to have fun in the sun.


The mission of Surfing for Autism is to offer individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder a supportive environment to connect and share by creating opportunities to experience the therapeutic benefits of surfing. Through these opportunities, Surfing for Autism is also creating a greater awareness and a deeper understanding of ASD within the community.


The vision of Surfing for Autism is to involve individuals with autism, their families, siblings, caregivers, therapeutic professionals, surfers, and the larger community in the most inclusive, comprehensive, and compassionate experience available which celebrates the therapeutic benefits of surfing.