Surfing for Autism cannot exist without you

Surfing for Autism cannot exist without you. You are the ones who raffle off surfboards and sell snow cones. You are the ones bringing coffee, bagels, and bananas for the early-morning setup crew. You are the ones buying SFA merch to help advocate for the cause. You are the ones giving generously to the silent and spending generously when you attend it. You are the ones showing up early to set up tables, organize lifejackets, and share experiences with parents of children with ASD. You are the ones donating money so families burdened with the costs of ASD can participate fully and freely.

This event wouldn’t exist without the help of passionate people with a heart for helping our kids. Volunteers like you are the backbone of Surfing For Autism. Without amazing volunteers, Eileen, Mark, Ann, Jen, Becci, and Lisa would make their spouses and children do all the work. Don’t let that happen. Lend a hand.


You can volunteer to help with the Silent Auction, Meet and Greet, and/or the Surfing Event.


Check out our 2016 event sponsors and make sure to support those who are supporting you.

All financial donations are tax-deductible.